Oregon Secretary of State

Commission Application/Reapplication

​​Notary Commis​sions

You may need your edu​cation number, exam certificate ID number and/or current commission number.

When completing your application, the commission name shall consist of the applicant’s first personal name (first name), additional name(s) (middle name), and surname (family or last name), unless proven otherwise with satisfactory evidence per ORS 194.240(2).​

I Wa​nt To:

Get Training​

Steps to training:

  1. Choose "Get Training" on the Notary home page.

Take the Exam and Apply (Training Completed)

Steps to apply:​

  1. Choose "Take the Exam and Apply (training completed)" on the Notary home page.
  2. Select the Education Training Provider.
  3. Enter your Education Training Number.

Take the Exam and Apply (Renew Active Commission)

Steps to renew:

  1. Choose "Take the Exam and Apply (renew my active commission)" on the Notary home page.
  2. Type the active commission number.​​​​​​

What's Next:

  • Once your application is approved, you will receive an oath of office by email. Please check your spam folder.
    • The oath of office must be notarized by a commissioned notary.
    • ​The signature on your oath of office with must match the signature on your identification (ex. Driver’s License).
  • Submit the oath of office by fax with a credit card coversheet​ or mail with a check or money order. 
    • The processing fee is $40 for each application.

Important Tips​​

Each notarial commission is unique, and a new notarial commission number and expiration date are issued once your application is accepted - ORS 194.063(1)(2)​.

If your commission has expired or will expire before you reapply online, you are required to take the notary training​. Education is mandatory for new and inactive notaries. There is no grace period for expired commissions.​​

Finding Forms and Delivery ​Options

Choose from a variety of notary public forms. Download the one you need and fax or mail it to​ the Corporation Division.