Business Names and Trademarks

​Deciding whether you need to register a busin​ess name, a trademark or both is an important decision. Registering your business name alone does not establish trademark rights.

Our office only compares business names to other ​ names in the Oregon Business Registry database for availability.

What is the Difference?

A business name is the name that a comp​any uses to do business.

A trademark is any word, phrase, symbol, design or combination thereof that identifies and distinguishes one source of goods or services from another. A trademark is used to help establish and protect intellectual property rights, including a business name.

When Should You File Both?

If a business name is used on the product​s themselves to identify the source, it may also be a trademark.


Check the United ​States Patent and Trademark Office and the Oregon Secretary of State Trademark search for availability.

For more information about business names and trademarks, visit the National Association of Secretaries of State website.
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