Management and Technical Services

​Categories of Assistance Programs

Programs listed in the Start a Business Guide ​are divided into three categories:

  1. Management and technical services
  2. Financial resources
  3. Marketing and international trade assistance
Some programs provide assistance in more than one area.

In addition to the services listed in the Guide, another list of Small Business Resources is maintained by the our Office of Small Business Assistance. See the top of that list for “Technical Assistance” resources. These are non-profits and government entities focused on helping businesses like yours.

The Oregon Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network is one of the largest and most-available services to the business community. They offer business counseling, training, and referrals. They also offer publications and other resources, including assistance in the areas of international trade and technology transfer. Small Business Development Centers  (SBDCs) have classes and one-on-one advice for starting a business or growing a business. There is an SBDC at each of Oregon's community colleges. Find one near you here

SCORE, “Counselor to America’s Small Business” provides individual coaching.  Go to​ and click “Find a Mentor” to get in contact and set up an appointment with a person who may have experience in your region or your type of business.