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Spinnaker Place Building
The Spinnaker Place Building in Salem houses The Workers' Compensation Board. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
Oregon’s workers’ compensation system was created in 1913 to resolve workers’ compensation disputes. The board was created in 1965 and came under DCBS in 1993. It provides timely and impartial resolution of disputes arising under the workers’ compensation law and the Oregon Safe Employment Act. The five-member board is appointed by the governor for four-year terms, subject to Senate confirmation. The board conducts contested case hearings and provides mediation for workers’ compensation matters, as well as for Oregon OSHA citations and orders. The board is the appellate body that reviews administrative law judge workers’ compensation orders on appeal, exercises own motion jurisdiction and reviews claim disposition agreements. The board also hears appeals from Oregon Department of Justice regarding applications for compensation under the Crime Victim Assistance Program and resolves disputes between workers and workers’ compensation carriers arising from workers’ civil actions against third parties.
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Address: 2601 25th St. SE, Suite 150, Salem 97302-1280
Phone: 503-378-3308
Fax: 503-373-1684
Contact: Connie Wold, Chair
Records Officer Email: Katy Gunville​
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Statutory Authority: ORS Chapter 656

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