Oregon Wine Board

Present Duties

The board was established as a semi-independent state agency in 2003. It consists of nine volunteer members appointed by the governor for a term of three years. The board and eight staff members work on behalf of all Oregon wineries and independent growers throughout the state’s diverse wine growing regions, managing marketing, research and education initiatives that support and advance the Oregon wine and wine grape industry.
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Contact Information

Mailing Address: 5331 SW Macadam Ave., Suite 258, Portland 97239
Telephone: 503-967-8978
Fax: 503-228-8337
General Email: info@oregonwine.org
Contact: Tom Danowski, Executive Director
Administrative Rules Coordinator: See Contact List for Wine Board​
Location Map: by Google Maps

Legal & Legislative Information

Statutory Authority: ORS 576.753​
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