State Treasurer Tobias Read


photo of Tobias Read
State Treasurer Tobias Read
Tobias Read is Oregon’s 29th state treasurer. Born in Montana and raised in Idaho, he moved to Salem, Oregon to attend Willamette University before earning his Master of Business Administration degree at the University of Washington. He brings a wide range of public-sector and private-sector experience to the office. He worked for two U.S. Treasury secretaries, the Nike Corporation and has most recently served as a state representative in Oregon for a decade.

As a state representative, Tobias was known for focusing on the issues that contribute to a growing economy—a high-quality education, innovation, and funding for our roads and bridges. He strove to fund full-day kindergarten and give all districts the opportunity to offer it. In 2015, he was a chief sponsor of the Oregon Retirement Savings Plan, which in 2017 became the first operating state-sponsored retirement program. Known as OregonSaves, the program enrolls Oregon workers who lack access to a retirement savings option through their employers, allowing hundreds of thousands more Oregonians to retire with dignity after a lifetime of work.

As state treasurer, Tobias’ first priority is to focus on managing Oregon’s money responsibly and with transparency. He is also working hard to help Oregonians save for college and retirement so that everyone in Oregon has a chance to succeed.

Tobias lives in Beaverton with his wife Heidi and their two children.

State Treasurer's Duties

159 State Capitol, 900 Court St. NE, Salem 97301-4043; 503-378-4329
Tobias Read; Beaverton; Democrat; elected 2016; reelected 2020; term expires January 2025.

The state treasurer is elected to a four-year term and is limited to two consecutive terms in office during any 12-year period.

The state treasurer is a constitutional officer and a statewide elected official. The treasurer serves as the chief financial officer for the state and is responsible for the prudent management of billions of taxpayer dollars. The treasurer serves as the state’s chief investment officer and has the duty of investing the monies of numerous funds such as the Public Employees Retirement Fund, the State Accident Insurance Fund and the Common School Fund.

The treasurer serves on a variety of state financial boards and on the State Land Board, which has a fiduciary duty to manage state trust lands for the benefit of the Common School Fund.

The treasurer’s financial responsibilities include managing the investment of state funds, issuing state bonds, serving as the central bank for state agencies and administering the Oregon 529 Savings Network, Oregon Retirement Savings Plan, the Oregon Investment Council and State Debt Policy Advisory Commission.

Statutory Authority: ORS Chapter 178​