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Beardsley Building
The Beardsley Building in Salem houses offices of  the Public Utility Commission. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
The Public Utility Commission (PUC) is responsible for regulating rates and services offered by private Oregon electric and natural gas utilities, telecommunications companies and water companies. The commission’s actions are governed by state and federal laws and judicial decisions. The PUC consists of the following programs:

The Utility Program serves as the technical and analytical arm of the agency. Its professional staff analyzes all utility filings, helps build a factual record in contested case proceedings, investigates and recommends policy options, inspects utility facilities and undertakes many other activities needed for the commission to carry out its mission and serve ratepayers. The program is funded through a Utility Gross Operating Revenue Fee of up to 0.3% of gross operating revenues. The Utility Program also receives federal funds through the Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration.

The Residential Service Protection Fund consists of four programs that provide adequate and affordable telephone service to Oregonians. These programs provide assistance to low-income Oregonians with a discount on monthly telephone service; Oregonians with disabilities that need adaptive telecommunications equipment to communicate effectively on the telephone; Oregonians with medical hardships who must have telephone access at all times; and Oregonians with hearing or speech disabilities who are provided the ability to place or receive calls through specially trained relay operators. The program is funded through a surcharge, currently $.07, which is assessed against each paying retail subscriber who has telephone or cellular service with access to the Oregon Telecommunications Relay Service.

The Policy and Administration Program consists of the three commissioners, the chief operating officer, Business Services, Commission Services, Consumer Services Section, Human Resources and Information Systems.

The Administrative Hearings Division conducts rulemaking and contested case hearings on issues concerning utility services. Hearings involve mergers and acquisitions, rate proposals and consumer complaints. The section also oversees records management, public records requests and agency compliance with the Administrative Procedures Act.

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Contact Information

Mailing Address: PO Box 1088, Salem 97308-1088
Physical Address: 201 High St SE, Suite 100, Salem 97301 
Phone: 503-373-7394
Fax: 503-378-6163
Contact: Michael Dougherty, Chief Operating Officer
Administrative Rules Coordinator Email: Diane Davis 
Records Officer Email: Kathy Williams
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Legal and Legislative Information

Statutory Authority: ORS Chapters 756, 757, 758, 759, 772
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State Archives Holdings from This Agency

The following are selected abbreviated listings from the holdings of the Oregon State Archives. Additional records may be available. These records may be viewed free of charge at the State Archives Building in Salem. Copies are available for a fee. Take the Web tour for more information about visiting or ordering copies from the Oregon State Archives.
Title: Dump Motor Carrier Formal Docket
Dates: 1972-1975
Volumes: 1
Title: Formal Orders
Dates: 1907-1950
Cubic Ft.: 3
Title: Grain Act Formal Docket
Dates: 1913-1922
Volumes: 1
Title: Grain Act Informal Docket
Dates: 1913-1922
Volumes: 1
Title: History of Natural Gas in Oregon
Dates: n.d.
Cubic Ft.: 1
Title: Legal Formal Docket
Dates: 1908-1970
Volumes: 3
Title: Log Boom Companies Formal Cases
Dates: ca. 1936-1956
Cubic Ft.: 5
Title: Log Boom Formal Docket
Dates: ca. 1917-1936
Volumes: 2
Title: Log Motor Carrier Formal Docket
Dates: 1962-1975
Volumes: 6
Title: Motor Carrier Application Docket
Dates: 1922
Volumes: 1
Title: Motor Carrier Formal Action Docket
Dates: 1922-1975
Volumes: 16
Title: Motor Carrier Formal Docket
Dates: 1946-1975
Volumes: 7
Title: Motor Carrier Tariff Docket Files
Dates: 1965-1976
Cubic Ft.: 4
Title: Motor Transportation Act Rulings
Dates: 1939-1943
Cubic Ft.: .25
Title: Rail Crossing Formal Docket
Dates: 1961-1975
Volumes: 2
Title: Rail Formal Docket
Dates: 1907-1975
Volumes: 7
Title: Rail Informal Docket
Dates: 1907-1967
Volumes: 12
Title: Rail Track Impairment Formal Docket
Dates: 1959-1975
Volumes: 1
Title: Railroad Commission Proceedings
Dates: 1887-1898
Volumes: 2
Title: Utility Formal Docket
Dates: 1912-1975
Volumes: 9
Title: Utility Informal Complaint Docket
Dates: 1912-1928
Volumes: 4
Title: Water Carriers: Commissioner's Records
Dates: 1949-1960
Cubic Ft.: .5