Patient Safety Commission

Present Duties

Marquam Building
The Marquam Building in Portland. It holds the office of the Patient Safety Commission. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
The Oregon Patient Safety Commission (OPSC) was created by the Legislature in 2003 to reduce the risk of serious adverse events occurring in Oregon’s health care system and to encourage a culture of safety. OPSC has 15 staff members that support three key programs.

The Patient Safety Reporting Program (PSRP) is a voluntary program for health care organizations to contribute information about adverse events, why they occur and strategies to make care safer. OPSC analyzes and shares aggregate patient safety information to enhance quality and safety statewide. All PSRP contributions are protected under state law, creating a safe environment where patient safety innovation can thrive.

Early Discussion and Resolution (EDR) provides a constructive way forward when a patient is seriously injured during health care. Open conversations between health care providers and patients about what happened can bring resolution and closure to those involved. In Oregon, when such conversations are initiated through EDR, they are  protected under state law.

Quality Improvement Initiatives are mission-driven, grant-funded patient safety initiatives that support implementation of best practices in Oregon’s health care system.
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Contact Information​

Street Address: 1201 SW 12th Ave STE 310​, Portland 97205​
Mailing Address: PO Box 285, Portland 97204
Telephone: 503-928-6158
Fax: 503-224-9150
Contact: Heidi Steeves, Executive Director
Administrative Rules Coordinator: See Contact List for Patient Safety Commission​

Legal & Legislative Information

Statutory Authority: ORS 442.820–442.835, Chapter 686
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