Audits Division

Present Duties

Public Service Building
The Public Service Building in Salem houses the central offices of the Audits Division. (Oregon State Archives Scenic Image 20160310-9226​)
Created in 1929, the division conducts audits to protect the public interest while helping improve Oregon government. Auditors ensure public funds are spent as legally required, used to their best advantage and properly accounted for. Audits are conducted in compliance with stringent professional standards and use modern analytical tools to examine millions of records and be as meticulous as possible. All reports are publicly available. Financial audits are a core focus. The division, meanwhile, has pushed performance audits to new levels. The aim is to increase the efficiency of state and local government while generating savings.
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Contact Information

Phone: 503-986-2255; Hotline: 1-800-336-8218​
Contact: Kip Memmott, Director
​Administrative Rules Coordinator: See Contact List for Secretary of State, Audits Division​

Legal & Legislative Information

Statutory Authority: ORS 177.170–177.180​, Chapter 297

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