State Board of Architect Examiners

Present Duties

A building in downtown Salem.
This building in downtown Salem houses the State Board of Architect Examiners (Google image)
The board ​regulates the practice of architecture in Oregon. The agency assures persons practicing architecture in Oregon are properly qualified and registered. They determine standards for architect and architectural firm registration, which consist of a combination of education, examination and experience. The agency enforces the laws governing the practice of architecture in Oregon by investigating alleged violations and disciplining those who violate the law. The agency is headquartered in Salem and has seven board members appointed by the governor and five staff.​
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Contact Information

Telephone: 503-763-0662
Contact: Lisa Howard, Executive Director
Administrative Rules Coordinator: See Contact List for Architect Examiners​
Public Information Officer: Lisa Howard

Legal & Legislative Information

Statutory Authority: ORS 671.010–671.220

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