Cover Photo Contest Guidelines

A rock outcrop on a cliff.
This is an example of a portrait or vertical orientation. This is the proper orientation for serious consideration as the cover photo of the print version of the Oregon Blue Book. The image above is of rock formations along Leslie Gulch in southeast Oregon. (Oregon State Archives Photo)


Winning photos will be published on the front and back covers of the print version of the 2023-2024 Oregon Blue Book.


Open to photographers of any age who are Oregon residents and earn less than half of their income from landscape photography.


Photos must be original images taken by the entrant and may not have been previously commercially published.


The cover photos must be in color and represent some aspect of Oregon such as landscapes, buildings or events. See previous covers of the Oregon Blue Book for ideas.

Orientation and Editing

All photos submitted must have a *vertical (portrait)* orientation. Images may have minor alterations for color, contrast, etc. but may not be significantly altered, appear unnatural or have important elements added or removed.

Submit Lower Resolution Images for Judging

Digital JPEG format images with a width and height of about 1400 x 2100 pixels are preferred. Somewhat larger or smaller images are acceptable for contest judging. More about image size

Must have Higher Resolution Images Suitable for Print Available

The winning photographers must provide TIFF format or high quality JPEG format digital images with a native width and height of at least 1800 x 2700 pixels (about 5 megapixels). Images that do not meet these criteria will not be used for the cover. More about image size

Contest Entry Form

A barn in a field with evergreen trees in the distance.
This is an example of a landscape or horizontal orientation. Images with this orientation are unlikely to win the contest and a spot on the cover of the print version of the Oregon Blue Book. However, selected images may be included in the Web version of the Blue Book. The above image is of a barn on Southeast Kelso Road in Clackamas County. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
The entry forms may be used to submit up to 10 photos. To enter more photos, submit an additional entry form and photos.

Individual Photo Identification

Each photo listed on the entry form should include a brief description, the location and the date taken.

Photo File ​Names

Each photo submitted must have a file name that consists of your last name, first name, and a number that corresponds with the photo description list number on the form (e.g., simmonsann7.jpg). ​


Entries must be received by October 22, 2022.


A committee designated by the Secretary of State will make recommendations on the selection of winning photos. The Secretary of State will make the final selections.


A brief description of the winning photos and photographers will be published in the Oregon Blue Book. The winners will be invited to the Secretary of State’s recognition event announcing the release of the new Oregon Blue Book.

Other Uses

All entries will become part of the permanent collection of the Oregon State Archives. Entries cannot be returned. Photos submitted to the Cover Photo Contest but not selected for the cover may be chosen for use elsewhere in the Oregon Blue Book with full credit given to the photographer.