​​​​​​​​​​​​​Laws and Rules

Municipal Audit Law - ORS 297​​

​Minimum Standards for Audits​ of Oregon Municipal Corporations

Minimum Standards for Reviews​ of Oregon Municipal Corporations​​​

Board of Accountancy​​​ - Find an ​Oregon Municipal Auditor​ 

Building Official Fact Sheet

Oregon Society of CPAs (OSCPA)

Management representation of Fiscal Affairs – Review Report – OSCPA suggested report

Minimum Standards for Audits – OSCPA suggested audit program

Oregon Budget Law – OSCPA suggested audit program

Oregon State School Fund (ADM) – OSCPA suggested audit program

Student Investment Act (SIA) – ODE suggested audit program

Report required by Oregon State Regulations​ – OSCPA suggested report


​​​Special districts are required to designate a registered office and a registered agent (ORS 198.340). The notice of designation form​ must be filed with the Secretary of State Archives Division. There is no cost to file this form. It must be completed each time a change is made in either the registered agent or the registered office. Find a notary from this list of active notaries​.

​​You may be asked for an Oregon business registry number to open a bank account, secure a line of credit, or conduct other business: Assumed Business Name for Government Resource​