Confidentiality Requirements and Whistleblower Law

​​​​​Confidentiality Requirements

As part of our mission to protect the public interest and improve Oregon government, the Secretary of State has established a toll-free telephone line​ for public employees and the public to use when ​reporting misuse of state government resources by state agencies, state employees or people under contract with state agencies. Please refer to ORS 177.170(1)​ for more information.

The identity of anyone calling the State Government Accountability Hotline or otherwise making a report under ORS 177.170 is confidential per ORS 177.180(2).

Oregon Whistleblower Law

Public employees are protected from discrimination, dismissal, demotion, transfer, reassignment, reprimand ​or other disciplinary action under ORS 659A.199 for responding to official requests to disclose employer violations of any federal or state law, rule or regulation, mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority, or substantial and specific danger to public health and safety.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​