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Services and fees

The services and fees of the Archives are included in the Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) listed below. Also see the explanation of research and copy services and fees in the reference room section of this tour.

Reference Room Fees

The following fees are collected for State Archives services:

    OAR 166-010-0016

    (1) Ready Reference Requests -- no charge. This includes requests for information that can be answered by staff without leaving their workstation or by consulting basic reference tools such as finding aids, tracing binders, or reference books.

    (2) Basic Records Request -- $5 in-state; $10 out-of-state. This includes copying charges, postage and supplies. It applies to one-page documents. A Basic Records Request must provide an exact citation to a record (e.g., a citation from the death index, a record listed in the on-line index) in the custody of the Archives Division.

    (3) Basic Case File Request -- $10 in-state; $15 out-of-state. This includes up to 10 photocopies, postage and supplies. Additional photocopy pages are charged at 75 cents per page. A Basic Case File Request must provide an exact citation to a record in the custody of the Archives Division.

    (4) Requests -- not defined above will include labor charges plus copying, supply and postage charges when incurred. In addition, requests received from out-of-state will be charged an additional $5 fee.

    (5) Labor Charges -- $40 per hour, charged in 15-minute increments. There is a maximum of four hours labor for any request.

    (6) Expedited service fee: Rush requests will be assessed a thirty-dollar ($30) fee in addition to all applicable research and copy fees. Rush requests are limited to single specific requests and are dependent on staff availability. Such requests may be subject to review and restrictions.

    (7) Photocopies. Copies made by the customer -- 25 cents per page. Copies made by Archives Division staff -- 75 cents per page.

    (8) Fax -- 75 cents per page.

    (9) PDF -- 75 cents per page.

    (10) Audio Tape duplication. Cassette to cassette duplicates -- $7 per cassette.

    (11) Certification -- $5 per certification.

    (12) Digital Images of existing files for electronic download or copied to CD-ROM:

    (a) Case File -- $35

    (b) Multipage image (10 pages or less) -- $10

    (c) Single page image -- $5

    (13) High Resolution (600 dpi) digital images of Historical Trademarks, oversized maps or photographs -- $20 per image.

    (14) Reproduction by Outside Vendor -- Vendor and travel costs, when applicable plus $10 handling fee.

    (15) The Secretary of State shall not refund fees paid in excess of the amount legally due the Division if the amount is $10 or less, unless a refund is requested in writing by the applicant or the applicant's legal representative. Such requests must be made within three years of the date payment is received by the Division.

    Stat. Auth.: ORS 177.130 & 357.885
    Stats. Implemented: ORS 177.130 & 357.885
    Hist.: OSA 4-2002, f. & cert. ef. 7-3-02; OSA 9-2009, f. & cert. ef. 10-15-09

Administrative Rules Unit Fees

Fees charged by the Administrative Rules Unit are set forth in the Archives Division Fees rule OAR 166-010-0016. Fees for goods and services unique to the Administrative Rules Unit are as follows:

    OAR 166-500-0015

    (1) Certifying administrative rule records -- $5 per certification plus any copying, labor or research fees incurred in filling the request;

    (2) CD Rom or other media -- $20. per file copied. plus any associated costs;

    (3) Oregon Administrative Rules Compilation bound set -- $550. per year;

    (4) Individual volumes of the OAR Compilation -- $45;

    (5) Oregon Bulletin: Per hard copy issue -- $20. Each;

    (6) Walk-in customers or customers with large requests will be assisted as workloads permit.

    [Publications: Publications referenced are available from the agency.]

    Stat. Auth.: ORS 183.360
    Stats. Implemented: ORS 177.130, 183.370, 192 & 357.885
    Hist.: SOS-AD 1-1992, f. & cert. ef. 2-11-92; OSA 4-1993, f. & cert. ef. 11-10-93, Renumbered from 164-001-0015; OSA 7-1994(Temp), f. & cert. ef. 10-14-94; OSA 11-1994, f. & ef. 11-21-94; OSA 8-1997, f. & cert. ef. 10-6-97; OSA 6-2001(Temp), f. & cert. ef. 10-23-01 thru 4-15-02; OSA 1-2002, f. & cert. ef. 1-25-02; OSA 4-2002, f. & cert. ef. 7-3-02; OSA 3-2003, f. & cert. ef. 11-20-03; OSA 2-2007, f. & cert. ef. 7-31-07; OSA 3-2007(Temp), f. & cert. ef. 10-1-07 thru 3-29-08; OSA 4-2007, f. cert. ef. 11-29-07; OSA 8-2009, f. & cert. ef. 10-5-09

Other State Archives fees

Oregon Blue Book (paper copy)

    Paperback: $18.00
    Hardback: $30.00
    Shipping: Varies with number

Information and Records Management Fees

    General records retention schedules: $10.00
    Microfilm and imaging standards: At cost

State Records Center Fees

    Records Center storage costs: Contact the Records Management Unit at 503-378-0701, option 3 for current assessments.

Security Copy Depository Fees
For the 2009-2011 biennium the following charges apply for storing microfilm in the Security Copy Depository:

    $10 per biennium for up to 19 reels;
    $20 per biennium for up to 39 reels;
    $.26 per reel 40+ reels.

    Invoices are sent at the beginning of each biennium (July 1).
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