Public Records Advisory Council

The Public Records Advisory Co​uncil was created by Senate Bill 106 (2017)​​. The Council works with the Advocate and the State Archives Division to study and make recommendations concerning the Advocate's role, as well as practices, procedures, exemptions, and fees related to public records.

Meeting Schedule

April 10, 2019 Agenda​ | April 10 Recording on YouTube​

Legislative Update

April 2019: HB 2430 was unanimously passed out of the House Judiciary Committee to the full House for a vote with a “do pass” recommendation. A vote has not been scheduled as of yet. HB 2430 was listed as having a “minimal” fiscal impact on the operation of state agencies. 

HB 2431 was adjourned to a work session on March 26. On that day, it was unanimously amended by those present as requested by the Public Records Advisory Council, and passed with a “do pass” recommendation. Furthermore, the bill was referred to the joint Senate and House Ways and Means Committee because of its anticipated fiscal impact. Subsequently, a fiscal impact statement was filed for this bill.
A hearing has not yet been scheduled before Ways and Means.

March 2019: HB 2430 and HB 2431 had a work session before the House Judiciary Committee on March 25. Find more details on the Legislature's website here​.

Two legislative concepts were submitted before the Oregon House Judiciary Committee, listed as HB 2430 and HB 2431. HB 2430​ ensures the continued existence of the Council. HB 2431 requires state agencies to annually report basic data about public records processing. The two bills were scheduled for public hearing on March 13. Find more details on the Legislature's website here​

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