Civics Toolkit

The Civics Toolkit is an Oregon-centric guide to elections civics. The lesson plans target students ages 16 to 24. They cover everything from the history of voting in Oregon to what you need to know before you register to vote in our great state.

As Oregon's chief elections officer, it is the duty of the Secretary of State to engage Oregonians in the democratic process. Only citizens who have the needed knowledge and skills can sustain a democracy. May this toolkit assist educators as they prepare students for citizenship in the 21st Century.


Citizen Engagement

Wooden gavel
Visit the Oregon State Legislature site for citizen engagement​ to learn how ideas become law, the role of the legislature and more.

Capitol Tour and Civics Lesson

Join Oregon's Kid Governor Dom Peters on a trip through Oregon's Capitol. 

​​​​ ​​

Do you Know Oregon Civics?

Test your knowledge of civics​ in relation to the Oregon Constitution.​​​​​​

The Senate Chamber in the Oregon State Capitol in Salem. (Oregon State Archives image)