Request for Voter List

Obtaining a Voter List 

Any person may obtain an electronic copy (via SFTP) of a statewide or less than statewide voter list from the Office of the Secretary of State, Elections Division. 

Requests for a hardcopy of a less than statewide voter list, labels, or other non-electronic formats must be made with the county elections official​​ ​of each county in which voters to be listed reside. The Secretary of State, Elections Division does not provide hardcopy voter lists.​



Fee for statewide voter list is $500 Fee to provide a less than statewide list consists of:
  • $25 set up fee, plus 
  • 2.5 cents per 100 records provided 

​File Generation and Format 

Please review specifications before requesting lists: 

Contact Elections Division 

Phone: 503-986-1518 
Toll free: 866-673-8683
Fax: 503-373-7414 

Alternative Formats 

If you prefer to submit this request in paper via fax or mail, use the PDF form: