Residence Address Exemption Request

​​​​​​​​​​Candidates for public office or any public office holder may request that Elections Official not publish their residence address in publicly posted candidate filings or voter lists. Instead a publicly disclosable mailing address will be included on posted candidate filings and ​each list of electors delivered under ORS 247.940 or 247.945​

This exemption does not apply to candidates for precinct committeeperson. 

The request for a Residence Address Exemption MUST include a publicly disclosable mailing address for the requestor. 

At this time, Elections Officials are unable to review petition signature sheets, contribution and expenditure transactions and records sent to the Archives Division. If you signed a petition sheet or made a contribution to a political committee and used your home address, it may be disclosed to the public under public records laws.​​

Exclamation-circle​  Do not use your residence address for publicly disclosable mailing address.

Alternative Format​

If you prefer to submit this form in paper via fax or mail, please request a PDF version by email​.

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