Oregon Secretary of State

Prospective Petition - Recall (SEL 350)

​​Warning: Supplying false information on this form may result in conviction of a felony with a fine of up to $125,000 and/or prison for up to 5 years. Changes to the information provided for the chief petitioner or to the circulator pay status below must be reported to the elections official no later than the 10th day after you first have knowledge or should have had knowledge of the change.

Alternative Format

If you are filing for a city other than Bend, ​Portland, or Wilsonville please use the PDF​ form: SEL 350​


Recall Manual​

Revised Statutes

ORS 249.865 to ORS 249.877 - Chapter 249 Candidates; Recall Election

Oregon Constitution

​Article II, Se​ction 18​​