​​​​​​Racial and Ethnic Impact Statement

​Measure 114 (IP 17)​

​The Oregon Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) received a written request from a member of the Legislative Assembly from each major political party requesting a racial and ethnic impact statement pursuant to ORS 137.685​ for Measure 114 (IP 17) that is related to crime and likely to have an effect on the criminal justice system. The CJC is responsible for preparing an impartial, simple and understandable state​ment explaining the racial and ethnic impact. The draft statement is filed with the Secretary of State who holds a public hearing to receive testimony. The CJC shall consider the public comment and may file a revised statement.


IP 17 Racial and Ethnic Impact Statement​

Public Meeting​

The Secretary of State held a public hearing to receive testimony on the racial and ethnic impact statement for Masure 114 (IP 17):

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For questions on the general ballot measure process, please contact the Oregon Secretary of State Elections Division at 503-986-1518 or elections.sos@sos.oregon.gov​​.​

Past Communication

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