Circulator FAQ

​Correcting Circulator Certification D​efects

Learn about corrective actions you can take prior to submitting petitions for signature verification.

​If the circulator has:The circulator should:

​Signed using only initials

Unless the circulator’s use of initials 
as a signature is verified by exe​mplar

​Re-sign and re-date certification

​Signed using a signature stamp

Unless the use of a signature stamp has been approved under ORS 246.025

​Re-sign and re-date certification

​Signed using an illegible signature

Unless the circulator’s use of an illegible signature is verified by exemplar

​Re-sign and re-date certification

​Signed using printed script instead of cursive 

Unless the circulator’s use of a printed script signature is verified by exemplar

​Re-sign and re-date certification
​Photocopied or carbon copied the certification​Re-sign and re-date certification
​Signed in a manner that the signature, printed name and address are all illegible​Re-sign and re-date certification
​If the date is: ​The circulator should:
​Missing​Re-sign and re-date certification
Crossed out​Re-sign and re-date certification
​Overwritten with a different date

​Re-sign and re-date certification

Initials are not sufficient

​Earlier than all petition signers​Re-sign and re-date certification
​Partial or ambiguous

​Re-sign and re-date certification

Date must be provided in month, day, year order if written in all numeric characters

Defects that cannot be corrected:
​​The original signature of a circulator has been crossed out, and a different circulator’s signature is inserted

​Two individuals sign and date as circu​lator

Unless the only signers and ​the circulators are th​e same people

Wite-Out appears on the signature and date line

Q&A for Circulators

Q: What if the prospective petition sheet and the text get separated?

Answer: If the signature sheet and the text become separated after the signatures have been collected but before submission to the Elections Division, the chief petitioner must provide a notarized statement signed by each circulator attesting that at no time during ​the circulation process were the signature sheets separated from the text of the prospective sponsorship petition. Or, they may begin the process again.

Q: What if someone signs the petition sheet after the circulator has signed and dated it?

A: The circulator must re-sign and re-date the sheet. The circulator must not cross out their original signature or date.

Q: What if a signer enters incorrect information?

A: Signers should correct their own information. If the circulator corrects the information, the signer must initial any change.

Q: Can someone who has legal authority sign for a disabled person?

A: No. No one can sign for someone else. They must sign the petition sheet like they signed their voter registration card.

Q: Can I sign one petition sheet and make copies?

A: No. Original signatures on the petition sheet are required.​​​​​​​