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​​​​The Elections Division is responsible for enforcing state election laws, rules and regulations. One aspect of this responsibility includes assessing civil penalties for late and/or insufficient campaign finance transaction filings.​

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​Civil penalties for late and/or insufficient transaction filings are issued in accordance with the processes outlined in the  Campaign Finance Manual​​.

The earliest cases in this dataset are from January 2023. Data will be updated monthly after the Division issues Final Orders.

What is a late filing?

​​​Filing, deleting or making certain changes to a transaction after the due date. Balance adjustments are also penalized as late filings. See page 67 of the Campaign Finance Manual​ for detailed information.

What is an insufficient filing?

When transactions do not contain complete or accurate information as required by law.

See page 69 of the manual for detailed information.

Penalty Process

Penalty notices are sent to filers approximately three months after the late or insufficient filing is reported. Penalty notices are not sent for cases where the total calculated penalty for a case is less than $50. The process outlined below is a simplified version of the penalty process applied to most penalties issued by the Elections Division. For a more detailed overview of this process, see pages 70-74 of the Campaign Finance Manual​.

Penalty process shows notice issued for cases $50 and over, issue final order, if penalty paid case closed. If not within 70 days payment requested. If not paid collections process begins.

Final Order Example

Final Orders by Default are issued if the committee does not contest the penalties. They are issued approximately one month the committee receives the penalty notice. The example documents are simplified versions of the Final Orders by Default issued in most cases:

Example Final Order by Default

Example Final Order Detail

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