2022 State and County General Election Voters’ Pamphlets

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Oregon Secretary of State and County Elections Officials provide voters’ pamphlets to guide voters in each election. Included in these pamphlets are election deadlines, voter registration information, your rights as an Oregon voter, candidate statements, ballot measures, and other useful information.

The Secretary is committed to serving limited English proficient Oregonians by providing translated portions of state and county voters' pamphlets. The English State Voters’ Pamphlet is available online, and also in audio format​. Cou​nty voters’ pamphlets are available on county webpages. An Easy Voting Guide produced by Disability Rights Oregon​ is available for people with disabilities.

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Translation Advisory Council

The Translation Advisory Council advises the Oregon Sec​retary of State on voter pamphlet translations. The Council participates in a process of community validation, also known as community testing, to ensure translated materials are culturally responsive. The Council consists of members who are part of Oregon’s language communities. For more information, see the Translation Advisory Council website.