How to Get an Authentication (or Apostille)

​​​When a document is to go to a foreign country, it might need notariza​tion or official certification authenticated. Some countries call this an apostille. ​

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Review the information below to ensure that your document meets requirements for authentication prior to submitting to our office.

Authenticating an Oregon Notarization

The procedure is simple.

  • Send the original, notarized document to us using on of our delivery options. Photocopies are not accepted.
  • The document must include a complete notarial certificate.
  • We charge $10 for each apostille. You need a separate apostille, or authentication, for each notarized document.

Authenticating an Oregon Vital Record

When you need a vital record of a birth or death certificate authenticated, you should first get a certified copy of the record from the Oregon Center for Health Statistics or the County where the event took place. The certificate must be an original certified copy and can't be a photocopy. 

Original certified copies of marriage or dissolution of marriage certificates are available from the Oregon Center for Health Statistics​. Documents from the county must include the printed name of the clerk certifying to the copy to be authenticated.

After you get the vital record, send the certified copy to us using one of our delivery options. For faster turnaround time, we accept documents via FedEx or UPS. We charge $10 for each apostille. You will need a different apostille, or authentication, for each document.

Authenticating a Transcript or Diploma

When you need an Oregon high school or college transcript or diploma authenticated, you must have the person in charge of the records - normally the registrar - sign on the record a statement certifying to its authenticity and have it notarized.

Send the original, notarized document to us using one of our delivery options​. We charge $10 for each apostille. You will need a separate apostille for each notarized document.

International Apostille Certificate Format

The Secretary of State uses the Model Apostille Certificate of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, processed according to the national Uniform Apostille Standards.

See a sample certificate

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