Business Registry Certificates

​​​Requesting a Certificate of Existence

Certificates of Existence can now be ordered and received in minutes. Log into Oregon Business Registry and select Certificate of Existence.​ Ordering a certificate is easy. Fees for certificates are $10 each.

Requesting Other Certificate Types

Order other certificate types or if your certificate will be sent out of the country and needs an Apostille, complete a certificate request form. Requests for certificates sent using the paper form are processed in the order they are received. Current waiting times are on our homepage at​

Certificate Types

When requesting a certificate use the following gu​ide to choose the certificate that fits your needs.​

Sample image of certificate of existence Certificate of Existence
This certificate is used for any entity type registered with the Secretary of State that needs to show existence in the state of Oregon. This certificate is similar to the Certificate of Good Standing.

Sample certificate of merger. Certificate of Merger
This certificate is used for proof of merger.

Sample certificate for name change Certificate of Name Change
This certificate is used for proof of name change.

Sample certificate of no record Certificate of No Record
This certificate is used for Department of Motor Vehicle searches.

Other Certificate Needs

We'll certify to a plain copy ​of the filing that shows the information you're requesting.

Complete a copy request form​ (PDF) to order certified copies of the document file or individual filing.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Certificates of Existence can be ordered directly from our office. Watch out for mailings from third parties trying to mislead you into paying too much for a certificate.  Our fee is only $10.