UCC News and Announcements

County Warrants (CW) - ORS Chapter 311.605-635

Senate Bill 161 (2015) provides that Oregon County Tax Assessors may e-file warrants issued against any taxpayer for unpaid business personal property taxes. Contact the appropriate County Tax Assessor with questions about the warrant and to make arrangements for release of the warrant.

New Requirements for UCC Financing Statements

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) financing statements and the Corporation Division Administrative Rules have recently been revised to conform to new requirements (ORS Chapter 79, article 9). What does this mean to you?

How Changes Impact Searchers

Nothing changes to the UCC search logic or the functionality of the online searches. Because of changes in the filing requirements, you may want to change your own search habits. Continue reading for more detail.

How Changes Impact Filers

Debtor Name Changes

Requirements for the debtor name changed under law ORS Ch. 79.0503. An organization name is established through the "organic public record" of the entity. Therefore, the actual name of the entity is found on the latest change in name in the entity formation documents, such as the articles of incorporation, articles of amendment changing the name, or the latest restated articles of incorporation or organization. 

To discover what the name actually is, you will want to see copies of those documents. Individual debtor names are established by the current state driver license or ID card, the individual name, or the surname and first personal name of the debtor.

Debtor Organization Information

The law no longer requires the type, jurisdiction and identification number of the organization. There is no place for that information on the new forms (ORS Ch. 79.0516​).

Statement of Claim Becomes Information Statement

Both a debtor and a secured party can file a statement to correct the record, if they believe a filing was made in error (ORS Chapter 79.0518).​​​​​​​​