UCC Filing Tips

Be Precise When Providing the Debtor Name

Giving the correct name of the debtor - properly formatted (including correct spelling and punctuation) - is the most important element. Accuracy ensures your filing can be found when our office runs a standard search on the “correct” name.

Verify the correct debtor name for an individual by getting proper identification (driver license or other state issued identification that is not expired).

The correct debtor name for a business can be verified by getting a copy of the Articles of Incorporation or other formation document. You can also find correct business names in the Business Registry database.

Use Nationally Approved Forms

Use the national forms approved by IACA and NCCUSL for financing statements and amendments. Don't forget to attach the official addendum when needed. Read carefully and follow the instructions for the form. You can download the forms from the UCC Forms page. If you have questions about the form, please contact us at the Corporation Division.

Fill out all the appropriate boxes on the form, including those for additional information regarding debtors that are organizations. Each required item must be addressed to avoid rejection.

Don't include personal identification information such as Social Security number (SSN), Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), driver license number or date of birth on the UCC Financing Statement or on any attachments.

Avoid Taking Shortcuts on Your Filing​

Our office is not allowed to review your filing and determine what you meant by a field entry. Use a separate debtor box for each debtor name and fill out the address and organization information, if a business. Instructions to the filing office written in the data fields will be ignored and at best will leave an erroneous record on file. 

Don’t Lose Your Filing Fees!

We can't accept UCC filings that include personal information. If you include personal information, we must reject the filing and you will lose the nonrefundable processing fee.

Personal information to avoid:

  • Social Security Number
  • State identification number
  • Driver license number
  • Credit or debit card number
  • Account number

We can accept UCC filings if you provide just the last four digits of these personally identifying numbers. For example, you can give your social security number as XXX-XX-1234. This 200​7 Oregon law is on the books to protect you. 

Fax cover pages containing credit or debit card or account numbers to transact business with the Corporation Division are not part of the document for UCC filing and are accepted.

Take Advantage of the Filing Officer Action Chart

The Filing Officer Action Chart (PDF) shows most circumstances in which our filing office would either accept, refuse to accept, or accept and take no action on a UCC filing.