Secondhand Precious Metals Dealers

​​​​​On Jan. 1, 2013, Oregon implemented a law regulating precious metal secondhand dealers (ORS 646A.064-068​)​. Precious metal secondhand dealers who solicit, receive, purchase, trade or accept delivery of items of precious metal from individuals in return for money or other consideration are required to follow state law. They may also be subject to local city or county ordinances for seller identification, recordkeeping, minimum property holding periods, and law en​forcement notification.

The following cities and counties in Oregon have precious metal secondhand dealers ordinances imposing equal or more stringent record keeping requirements dealers must follow, and longer holding periods for items of precious materials.

City and County Ordinances

Oregon cities and counties with an ordinance or law regulating precious metal secondhand dealers are required to provide a copy of the ordinance to the Secretary of State at CorporationDivision.SOS@sos.​ A link to the ordinance suffices. ​