Oregon Business Wizard

​Welcome to the State of Oregon Business Wizard. Using a series of question-and-answer pages, the wizard provides customized information to help you start and operate an Oregon-based business. It takes just a few minutes for the Business Wizard to help you: 

  • Determine licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements.
  • Obtain necessary application forms.
  • Identify available state resources.
  • Access other valuable business-related information.

Upon completing the process, you will have a customized results page that you can save, print or bookmark for future reference.

The Business Wizard covers licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements for the state of Oregon. It also covers certain federal and local regulations. When reviewing your results page, be aware that the list of licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements may not be complete. Depending on your specific business type and geographic location, additional federal and local regulations may apply.


Using Business Wizard

Be sure to enable cookies in your browser. The Business Wizard uses session cookies to create a customized result page for you to refer to later.