Domestic Limited Liability Company Registration

Business Overview

Business Name:
The limited liability company name must contain the entity identifier “LLC” or “Limited Liability Company” without abbreviation.
You may do a preliminary search to determine availability of the name. Regardless, the name will be checked by Oregon Corporation Division staff before approval. (Get help for business name availability.)

Activity Description:
A brief description of the primary activity of your business. Examples: Café, consulting, beauty shop, automotive repair, booster club.

Business Email:
The email address provided here may be used to send notices to the business.

Mailing Address for Notices:
The address where notices from the Oregon Corporation Division will be sent, including renewal notices. This address may be a Post Office Box.

Daytime Contact:
The name and telephone number of the person who can be contacted during regular business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific Time) if there are questions about the filing of this transaction.​

Registered Agent Information

​Registered Agent:
The person or entity authorized to accept service of process for the business. This may be an individual or a Business of Record entity. Business of Record entity means it is an entity on file with the Oregon Corporation Division.

The following entity types may be registered agents:
Business Corporation
Limited Liability Company
Professional Corporation
Nonprofit Corporation​

Registered Office:
The registered office may be, but need not be, the same as any of the entity’s places of business. The registered office must be located at a physical street address where process may be personally served on the registered agent. The registered office may not be a Post Office Box, Personal Mail Box (PMB) or Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA). Post office boxes will not be allowed on any line of the address.​​​


Persons doing the initial filing to establish the Limited Liability Company. These may be individuals, a Business of Record or a Business Not of Record. Business of Record means it is on file with the Oregon Corporation Division. Business Not of Record means it is a type of entity that does not have to file with the Oregon Corporation Division, including banks, insurance carriers and certain kinds of trusts. All listed organizers will be required to electronically sign prior to submission for filing. Persons listed as organizers may or may not have a continuing role or relationship with the business.​

Statement of Management

Select a statement designating whether or not the limited liability company is managed by the Mangers or Members.​​


Members are people with an ownership interest in the limited liability company.

Managers are people designated by the members to manage the limited liability company.

List the names of the Managers for a manager-managed limited liability company, or the name and address of at least one Member for a member-managed limited liability company.

Professional Services

If a limited liability company is to render a professional service or services as defined in ORS 58.015​, the professional service or services to be rendered through the limited liability company must be selected.​​

Optional Provisions

Check the box if you want the indemnification wording included in your optional provisions.

Other Optional Provisions: 
List any other provision(s), not inconsistent with law, for the regulation of the internal affairs of the organization.

Examples of Optional Provisions:
Listing the purpose or purposes for which the entity is organized.
Provisions for managing the business and regulating the affairs of the entity.
Defining, limiting and regulating the powers of the entity.