Domestic Limited Liability Company Registration

Business Overview

​Business Name:
You may use the link to check name availability. Final determination is made by Corporation Division staff at the time of filing. (Get help for business name availability.)​

Activity Description:
A brief description of the primary activity of your business. Examples: coffee shop, consulting, beauty salon, automotive repair, delivery service.

Most LLCs are perpetual, with no specific date when they have to be dissolved.

Business Email:
This address is used (rarely) for certain types of notices, but not the regular renewal notice. (This will not be a public record.) .

Mailing Address for Notices:
The address where notices from the Oregon Corporation Division will be sent, including renewal notices. This address may be a Post Office Box.

Daytime Contact:
The name and phone number of the person to call during regular business hours if there are questions about this filing. (This will not be a public record.)​

Notification Options

​Select a notification method for future renewals, and if email is chosen, complete a name and the required address. (This will not be a public record.)

Jurisdiction and Physical Location, Principal Place of Business

​Physical address where the business is located. It may also be where the business records are kept. The principal office may not be a PO Box, a commercial mail receiving agency, a mail forwarding business, or a virtual office.

Registered Agent Information

​Registered Agent:
The person or registered entity authorized to accept legal documents for the business.  For an Entity of Record, enter its Registry Number. (“Find Registry Number” allows you to look it up.)

Oregon Physical Address:
This Oregon street address must be suitable for personal delivery of legal papers to the Registered Agent. The registered office may not be a PO Box, commercial mail receiving agency, a mail forwarding business, or a virtual office.


Add Organizer
Add name(s), one-at-a-time, of the individual(s) or business entity(ies) making the initial filing to establish the LLC.

An Entity of Record is a business registered in Oregon. An Entity Not of Record is an entity not required to be registered with the Corporation Division. Examples include state agencies, municipalities, and most banks. Organizers may or may not have a continuing role or relationship with the business.

Address may be a business or mailing address.

Individual with Direct Knowledge

​Any authorized representative who knows what the business does. The address may be a business or mailing address.

Statement of Management

One choice is required. A member is an owner of the LLC.  A manager may or may not be an owner.  Who will manage this LLC?

Initial Member/Manager

Answer Yes to list Member(s)/Owners or Manager(s).  Most banks require at least one Member or Manager be listed in order to set up a business bank account.

Add name(s), one-at-a-time, for each individual or entity to be listed as a Member (owner) or Manager. The address may be a business or mailing address.

NOTE: After the first one, for each additional entry you must click Member or Manager again, even though it may display as already selected.

Professional Services Rendered

“Professional” is defined with a specific list of professions in ORS 58.015​. ​​Answering Yes will require selection of the professional service to be rendered.

Optional Provisions

​- The corporation elects to indemnify...
Check this box to elect the indemnification provisions of ORS 58.185 or 60.387-60.414.

- The corporation is a benefit company…
Check this box only if the requirements of ORS 60.750 – 60.770 are clearly understood and agreed to.

- Text of your Optional Provisions: 
List any other provision(s) for the regulation of the internal affairs of the organization. (These are rare.)
Examples of other optional provisions:
   Listing the purpose or purposes for which the entity is organized.
   Provisions for managing the business and regulating the affairs of the entity.
   Defining, limiting and regulating the powers of the entity.​