Assumed Business Name Registration

An  assumed business name registration is required any time you are conducting business under a name that does not include your “real and true name”. The registration is public record. For more information, visit our Privacy Alternatives website.

Business Overview

​Business Name:
An assumed business name cannot contain an entity identifier such as LLC or Inc. unless the name is owned by that type of business entity. You may use the link to check for availability of your name. Final determination is made by Corporation Division at the time of filing. (For more information, visit business name availability​.)

Activity Description:
A brief description of the primary activity of your business. Examples: coffee shop, consulting, beauty salon, automotive repair, booster club.

Business Email:
This address is used (rarely) for certain types of notices, but not the regular renewal notice. (This will not be a public record.)

Principal Place of Business
Physical address where the business is located. It may also be where the business records are kept. The principal office may not be a PO Box, a commercial mail receiving agency, a mail forwarding business, or a virtual office.​

Mailing Address for Notices:
The address where notices from the Oregon Corporation Division will be sent, including renewal notices. This address may be a Post Office Box.

Daytime Contact:
The name and phone number of the person to call during regular business hours if there are questions about this filing. (This will not be a public record.)​​​​​​


Select the counties in which the name should be registered.  This will keep others from registering the same name in those counties.​

Notification Options

​Notification Delivery Options: 
Select a notification method for future renewals, and if email is chosen complete a name and the required address. (This will not be a public record.)

Authorized Representative

The individual or business who is authorized to represent the owner(s), and will receive mailed notices​

Registrant Information

Add Registrant/Owner:
Name(s), added one-at-a-time, of the individual(s) or business entity(ies) who will own and do business as this assumed business name.  

An Entity of Record is a business registered in Oregon. An Entity Not of Record is an entity not required to be registered with the Corporation Division. Examples include state agencies, municipalities, or some banks.

When the Registrant/Owner is an Entity, you must enter the name of the individual (probably you) who is authorized to sign this application on behalf of the Registrant/Owner.

The street address may not be a PO Box, a commercial mail receiving agency, a mail forwarding business, or a virtual office.​​