Assumed Business Name Registration

An assumed business name registration is required any time you are conducting business under a name other than true and legal name of each person conducting the business.

Business Overview

​Business Name:
An assumed business name cannot contain the entity identifier LLC, LP or Inc. unless the business name is owned by that type of entity.
You may do a preliminary search to determine availability of the name. Regardless, the name will be checked by Oregon Corporation Division staff before approval.
(Get help for business name availability​.)

Activity Description:
A brief description of the primary activity of your business. Examples: Cafe, consulting, beauty shop, automotive repair, booster club.

Business Email:
The email address provided here may be used to send notices to the business.

Mailing Address for Notices:
The address where notices from the Oregon Corporation Division will be sent, including renewal notices. This address may be a Post Office Box.

Daytime Contact:
The name and telephone number of the person who can be contacted during regular business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m. Pacific Time) if there are questions about the filing of this transaction.


You must choose the county(s) where you will have any kind of facility of the business or an employee stationed.​

Authorized Representative

This is the person who is authorized to represent the business in transactions with the Oregon Corporation Division. This may be an individual, a Business of Record or a Business Not of Record.  ​

Business of Record means it is on file with the Oregon Corporation Division. Business Not of Record means it is a type of entity that does not have to file with the Oregon Corporation Division, including banks, insurance carriers and certain kinds of trusts.

The address for the Authorized Representative may be a post office box.

Registrant Information

This is the owner(s) of the business. You should list the real and true name of each person who intends to carry on, conduct or transact business under the assumed business name.

The Registrants/Owner may be individuals, a Business of Record or a Businesses Not of Record. A Business of Record means it is on file with the Oregon Corporation Division. A Business Not of Record means it is not required to be on file with the Oregon Corporation Division. Examples of Businesses Not of Record include U.S. bank and revocable living trust.

When the registrant/owner is a Business of Record or a Business Not of Record, you must enter the name of an individual who will be authorized to sign the application on behalf of the Registrant/Owner.

The address for each Registrant/Owner must be a street address. A Post Office Box, Commercial Mailing Receiving Agent (CMRA) or Private Mail Box (PMB) is not acceptable. Post office boxes will not be allowed on any line of the address.