Notary News

New Notary Law Goes into Effect

Beginning January 1, 2017, Ho​use Bill 4128 (2016 Oregon Laws, Ch. 47) strengthens the penalties for committing fraud as a notario publico and gives the Secretary of State tools to prevent the fraud in the first place.

“Notario Publico” is the title given to a nota​ry public in Spanish-speaking countries; however, the notario plays a very different role in those countries than an Oregon notary does here, including giving legal advice and drafting legal documents. Consequently, Oregon law has forbidden anyone, especially notaries public, from calling themselves “notario publico.” HB 4128 increases the penalties on those who call themselves notarios publico; prevents retaliation against those who turn notarios in; and prohibits those who have impersonated a notary, engaged in the unlawful practice of law, engaged in an unlawful trade practice, or illegally held themselves out as an immigration consultant from ever becoming a notary public.

Online Notary Education Upgrade Makes Training Simpler, Faster

The Corporation Division’s new Online Notary Education system offers faster access for trainees and improved course material, all in a mobile-device-friendly design.  

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