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​​​​​​Remote Online Notarization - It's Here!

The Oregon Legislature passed SB 7​65​​​, which was signed into law by the Governor on June 15, 2021​. This bill allows for permanent legislation of remote online notarization. 

RON also allows notaries from other states to perform Remote Online Notarizations for Oregonians. Visit our Remote Online Notarization​ webpage for more information.

Oregon Notary Public Guide

Be sure to use ​the Oregon Notary Public Guide. The notary guide includes information on the RON process as well as insightful information to help you perform your duties as an Oregon notary. It covers laws and rules, Attorney General’s opinions, state policy and much more.

Notary Public Webinars

Visit our Notary Training page to view a complete schedule of webinars and to register for a class.

The Basics class is a comprehensive and thorough examination of notary basics: purpose, responsibilities and liabilities of a notary; how to notarize; notary certificates and the notary journal. It is designed to help you pass the notary exam. Seasoned notaries are welcome to attend.​

The Advanced class (CURRENT NOTARIES ONLY) address employee notary issues, notario and elder abuse fraud, journaling witnesses, challenging notarial certificates, IPEN and RON notarizations, among other topics. This seminar is only appropriate for experienced, commissioned notaries. It does not meet the training qualifications for a notary application. 

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