Name Change

Filing the name change form doesn't extend your commission expiration date - it still expires on the original date.

Co​mmission ​Name and Signature Change

When a notary public has a legal change of name, he or she is required to notify the Corporation Division within 30 days.  Complete our Notary Information Change​ form, have it notarized and deliver it​ to our office. Your signature on this form becomes your new official signature with our office. 

Be aware that: 

  • This changes your commission number by adding a letter prefix.
  • You will receive new certificates - Certificates of Commission and Authorization.
  • You are required to purchase a new official stamp with your new name.
  • You must sign your notarizations with your new official signature.

Changing your Current Commission Signature


Wa​tch Your Expiration Date

Call our office at 503-986-2200 with questions about ​changing your name close to the expiration date.