Local Government Registration

Municipal Registration

Municipal governments should seek legal council to assist in registration requirements. It is not necessary to register a business name or non-profit with the Corporation Division. Contact the Audits Division​ for questions regarding proper filing.

Special districts are required to designate a registered office and a registered agent (ORS 198.340). The Notice of Designation of Special District Registered Office and Registered Agent for​m must be filed with the Secretary of State Archives Division. This form must be completed each time a change is made to either the registered agent or the registered office. There is no fee for filing this form.

 Municipal Audits

The Audits Division of the Se​cretary of State administers Municipal Audit Law, requiring Oregon’s local governments, consisting of approximately 1,785 cities, counties, school districts, and special districts to comply with statutory annual financial reporting (ORS 297.405 to 297.740 and 297.990).

Some examples of special districts  are water districts, fire districts, park districts, library districts and cemetery districts.

The accounts and fiscal affairs of every municipal corporation must be audited and reviewed at least once each calendar or fiscal year.

Visit Municipal Audit and Local Government Resources to learn about filing requirements or to search filed municipal audits.​