Laws and Rules

​​Below are Oregon laws and rules we administer. Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) are maintained by the Administration Division of the Oregon Legislature. Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) are maintained by the Archives Division

Corporation Division

Oregon Administrative Rules

Procedural Rules  OAR 160.001
Fees and Refunds OAR 160.005 

Business Registration Laws (Oregon Revised Statutes)

Assumed Business Names ORS Chapter 648
Business Corporations ORS Chapter 60
Nonprofit Corporations   ORS Chapter 65
Limited Partnerships ORS Chapter 70
Business Trusts ORS Chapter 128
District Improvements   ORS Chapter 554
Trade and Service Marks ORS Chapter 647

Business Registration Rules (Oregon Administrative Rules)

Notary Public L​aws (Oregon Revised Statutes)

Notary Public Laws ORS Chapter 194

Notary Public Rules (Oregon Administrative Rul​es)

UCC Laws (Oregon Revised Statutes)

EFS (Effective Financing Statement) ORS Chapter 80
Employment Warrants ORS Chapter 657.394 and 657.542
Revenue Warrants ORS Chapter 305.182
Hazardous Waste Liens ORS Chapter 466.205 and 466.835 

UCC Rules (Oregon Administrative Rul​es)

Additional Laws of Interest

This section of the Oregon Laws and Rules is provided for your convenience. The Corporation Division does not administer these chapters of Oregon law, and is not able to answer questions related to them.

Bank Deposits and Collections ORS Chapter 74
Food Security Act - The federal legislation covering the Central Farm Products Filing program.
Funds Transfers ORS Chapter 74A
General Provisions for Uniform Commercial Code ORS Chapter 71
Investment Securities ORS Chapter 78
Leases ORS Chapter 72A
Letters of Credit ORS Chapter 75
Negotiable Instruments ORS Chapter 73
Public and Private Records; Public Reports and Meetings ORS Chapter 192
Sales ORS Chapter 72
Uniform Partnership Law ORS Chapter 68
Unlawful Trade Practices ORS Chapter 646
Warehouse Receipts, Bills of Lading and Other Documents of Title ORS Chapter 77