Close a Business

​​Dissolving your business name

Dissolving your business name is many times just one of the steps that you will need to take when closing out your business.

Complete the appropriate form​ for your business type and submit it to our office with the designated fee.

Check with state and federal agencies for requirements to close a business.​

Consult with local business advisory organizations for advice about closing a business as well as your CPA, attorney or bookkeeper.​


Learn requirements for going out of business sales.

Business Registration Forms
Use the form based on your business type ( Cancellation, Dissolution or Withdrawal) for closing a business with the Corporation Division​

Oregon Combined Payroll Tax, Business Change in Status Form
Use the Oregon Department of Revenue library to locate the "Business Change in Status Form." Type the name of the form in the search box and scroll down (do not click enter). Use this form to report close of business with Department of Revenue and Employment.

Nonprofit Closing Form (Charity and Religious)
Use form to report close of business with Department of Justice.

Construction Contractors Board Close of Business
Check with the CCB for requirements to report close of business.

Other State Licensing Boards
Check other state licensing boards for close of business requirements.

Federal Checklist
Report close of business to IRS.