Assumed Business Name Renewal Service Scam

​A solicitation from a company called Assumed Business Name Renewal Service was seen by many Oregon businesses as confusing, deceptive or a scam. This solicitation warns of pending assumed business name expiration, cites Oregon law, and offers to prepare and file all necessary documents to renew the business name with the Secretary of State Corporation Division for a fee of $100.
Example of this solicitation

The solicitation uses carefully worded language to avoid violating state or federal laws. In​ a typical example, for $100 this company will forward the required $50 fee to the Corporation Division to complete the two-year renewal, and keep the balance for providing the service.

If you paid this company to perform the renewal service and they failed to complete the renewal with the Corporation Division, contact the Oregon Department of Justice, Financial Fraud an​d Consumer Protection Section.

Steps to Take If You Receive a Confusing Solicitation

1. ​Don't reply to the solicitation or send money.

Assumed Business Name registrations are renewed every two years for a fee of $50 payable to the Corporation Division. No one should have to pay extra or use a third-party service to complete this simple transaction. Save yourself the extra money renewing directly with the Corporation Division.

2. Verify when your business registration is due for renew​al.

Use our official Business Name Search to check your business online. If your assumed business name registration is due for renewal, you will see the due date and an option to Renew Online by credit card.

3. ​Renew directly with the Corporation Division.

The process​ of renewing your business registration is easy and convenient. Stop by in person or use one of the following methods:

Renew Onlin​​e Opt​ion

The option to Renew Online is safe and the fastest way to renew your assumed business name registration.

Renew by ​​Mail Option

45 days prior to the anniv​ersary date we will mail an Application for Renewal to the business ​mailing address.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


According to the Oregon Attorney General, the company Assumed Business Name Renewal Service has stopped doing business in Oregon.

As this company has a pattern of returning every few years, we will continue to educate business owners to beware of this and other suspicious solicitations.​

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