Articles of Dissolution Form Instructions - Nonprofit

​The instructions are listed in numerical order to align with the form. These instructions are intended for use with amendments to the original articles for nonprofit corporations.

  2. DATE THE DISSOLUTION WAS AUTHORIZED: This is the date that the amendment was authorized. This date would not be a future date. A statement is also included that the dissolution was approved by a sufficient vote of the board.

  3. HOW WAS THE DISSOLUTION APPROVED: Complete the information as required. If membership approval was not required, check the appropriate section. If membership approval was required for the dissolution, include the information regarding the vote.

  4. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION (public benefit and religious corporations) States that by submission of this form to the Corporation Division, you are acknowledging that notice of dissolution has also been sent to the Charitable Activities Section of the Attorney General. More information can be found at​.

  5. EXECUTION / SIGNATURE: Signer declares as authorized signer, under penalty of perjury, that this document does not conceal fraudulently, fraudulently alters or misrepresents the identity of the person or any official, director, employee or agent of the corporation. This document has been examined and is true, correct and complete. Making false statements in this document is against the law and can be penalized with fines, imprisonment or both. ​​​

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