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Tina Kotek
Tina Kotek
Beginning with her work to win domestic partnership benefits for faculty and students at the University of Washington in the mid-1990s, Tina Kotek has worked to change the world and empower people to be part of that change. 

She began her public service career as a policy advocate for Oregon Food Bank. She went on to serve as the policy director for Children First for Oregon before being elected to the Oregon House of Representatives in 2006.

In 2013, Speaker Kotek became the first openly lesbian speaker of any U.S. state house. Now the longest-serving speaker of the house in Oregon’s history, she has led efforts to improve economic opportunity and promote equity for every Oregonian. She most recently guided the Oregon Legislature to pass the first statewide laws in the ountry to combat rent gouging and to re-legalize "missing middle" housing in area previously solely reserved for detached single family housing. She also expanded funding and access to the state's Medicaid program, helped to create a paid famiy medical leave insurance program, and championed the Student Success Act to increase funding for the state's pre-K-12 public education system by $1 billion per year.​

Members of the House