Department of Veterans' Affairs: Agency Subdivisions

Advisory Committee to the Director of Veterans’ Affairs

Address: 700 Summer St. NE, Salem 97301-1285
Phone: 503-373-2383
Contact: Kim Douthit, Chair
Statutory Authority: ORS 406.210
Duties and Responsibilities: The committee consists of nine people, all veterans appointed by the governor, who advise the director and staff of the ODVA on a variety of matters. The committee members act as advocates for veterans’ issues and represent veterans’ concerns across Oregon.

Aging Veteran Services

Address: 700 Summer St. NE, Salem 97301-1285
Phone: 503-373-2028
Fax: 503-373-2391
Contact: Ana Potter, Director

Duties and Responsibilities: ODVA’s Aging Veteran Services includes its Conservatorship Program, which helps veterans, survivors and dependents who are legally designated “protected persons” to preserve and manage their estates while providing income and assets for shelter, medical, personal and other needs. This division also operates two Oregon Veterans’ Homes located in Lebanon and The Dalles where skilled nursing, rehabilitative and Alzheimer’s disease care is provided for veterans, spouses and Gold Star parents (parents whose children died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces).

Home Loan Program

Address: 700 Summer St. NE, Salem 97301-1285
Phone: 503-373-2051; Toll-free: 1-800-828-8801, 1-888-673-8387 (within Oregon)
Fax: 503-373-2393
Contact: Cody Cox, Manager
Duties and Responsibilities: Administered by the ODVA since its inception, the ORVET Home Loan Program is designed to provide eligible veterans with home loans at the lowest possible interest rates.

Statewide Veteran Services Division

Address: 700 Summer St. NE, Salem 97301-1285
Phone: 503-373-2249
Contact: Sheronne Blasi, Director
Duties and Responsibilities: Statewide Veteran Services includes training and certification of Veteran Service Officers who provide free benefits counseling and claims services to veterans, survivors and dependents. This division includes support for specific underserved groups within Oregon’s increasingly diverse veteran population, including women, tribal, incarcerated, LGBTQ and veterans currently enrolled in programs of higher education. Additionally, the division oversees the administration of several grant programs, including medical transportation for highly rural veterans, Campus Veteran Resource Programs and various Veteran Services Grants that range from working with homeless veterans, to aiding tribal veterans, to providing legal services for veterans.