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Motor Carrier Transportation Division office building
The Motor Carrier Transportation Division Office Building in Salem. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
The Motor Carrier Transportation Division (MCTD) ensures the safety of commercial trucks and buses and collects fees for their use of the roads. The division collects weight-mile tax and truck registration fees from trucking companies. MCTD also maintains a size and weight enforcement program to ensure that trucks are following size and weight requirements put in place to protect infrastructure and safety, and it issues over-size, overweight and other special variance permits. MCTD enforces commercial vehicle laws, including regulations on driver hours of service. Each year, MCTD and its partner agencies inspect thousands of trucks to ensure that equipment is in good working order and that drivers meet all safety requirements.

MCTD’s Trucking Online Internet service brings permit processing, road-use tax reporting and payment, and other truck transactions as close as the nearest computer.

MCTD operates the Green Light preclearance program, which uses weigh-in-motion scales and transponder readers to screen trucks as they travel at highway speed so they don’t have to stop at a weigh station if everything is in order. Green Light has pre-cleared more than 21 million trucks, saving the trucking industry 1.7 million hours of travel time and nearly $209 million in operating costs in the 18 years it has operated. Keeping trucks moving also reduces air pollution.

Oregon’s truck inspection efforts have paid off in keeping unsafe drivers off the roads. In 2015, of the truck drivers inspected in Oregon, 14.5% were placed out-of-service for a critical safety violation. The current national rate of drivers placed out-of-service is 5.51%.

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Mailing Address: 3930 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem 97302-6351
Telephone: 503-378-5849
Fax: 503-373-1940
Contact: Gregg Dal Ponte, Administrator
Administrative Rules Coordinator Email: Brenda Trump 
Records Officer Email: Darlene M. Hobson 
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