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Present Duties

Public Service Building
The Public Service Building in Salem houses the central offices of the Elections Division. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
The division ensures the uniform interpretation and application of Oregon’s election laws and enforces federal election laws. It monitors and supervises election administration of the country’s first vote-by-mail system in all 36 counties and provides the public, elected officials, candidates, media and interested parties advice and assistance in all matters related to elections. Though some of its duties were performed prior to statehood in 1859, the Elections Division was officially created in 1957 when the secretary of state was named the chief elections officer for the state.
The division manages the statewide voter registration database and the electronic system for tracking and reporting campaign finance transactions. The division accepts filings for state offices, receives and verifies initiative and referendum petitions, and monitors campaign contributions and expenditure reports. The division publishes and distributes the Voters’ Pamphlet for all state elections and investigates alleged election law violations.
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Contact Information

Address: Public Service Bldg., 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 126, Salem 97310-0722
Phone: 503-986-1518
Fax: 503-373-7414
Contact: Deborah Scroggin, Director
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Legal & Legislative Information

Statutory Authority: ORS Chapters 246260

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