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Present Duties

Commerce and Compliance Division
The Commerce and Compliance ​Division Office Building in Salem. (Oregon State Archives Scenic Image 20180329-2964​)
The Commerce and Compliance Division (CCD) ensures the safety of commercial trucks and buses and collects fees for their use of the roads. The division collects weight-mile tax and truck registration fees from trucking companies an enforcement program to ensure  trucks follow size and weight requirements. CCD enforces commercial vehicle laws, including regulations on driver hours of service. They also oversee Oregon rail operations to ensure the structural safety of railroad cars, equipment, track, crossings and signals. Other duties include ensuring a safe environment for railroad employees and monitoring the safety compliance of light rail, streetcar and trolley service providers.​
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Telephone: 503-378-5849
Fax: 503-373-1940
Contact: Amy Ramsdell, Administrator
Administrative Rules Coordinator: See Contact List for Transportation Department​

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Statutory Authority: ORS Chapters 803, 810, 818, 823, 825, 826

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