Burns Paiute Tribe

marshy waters
A marsh near Burns in the vicinity of the Burns Paiute Reservation. (Oregon State Archives Scenic Image 20140728-0152​)


Address: 100 Pasigo St., Burns 97720
Phone: 541-573-2088


Restoration: by Executive Order, October 13, 1972
Number of Members: 420
Land Base Acreage: 13,736 acres
Number of people employed by the Tribe: 54


Burns Paiute Tribe Old Camp RV Park, Burns Paiute Foundation

Points of Interest

Steens Mountain recreational area; Malheur National Wildlife Refuge; Reservation Day Powwow occurs two days each fall about October 13; annual Mother’s Day Powwow

History and Culture

Oregon map with black and white circles indicating the location of the Burn Paiute Reservation
The Burns Paiute Reservation is located north of Burns in Harney County. Today’s tribal members are primarily the descendants of the “Wadatika” band of Paiutes of central and southern Oregon. The Wadatika, named for the wada seeds collected near Malheur Lake shores, lived on seeds, berries, roots and vegetation they gathered and wild animals they hunted. Their territory included the area from the Cascade Mountains to Boise, Idaho, and the Blue Mountains to Steens Mountain. Paiute legends say that the Paiutes have lived in this area since before the Cascade Mountains were formed, coming from the south as part of a migration through the Great Basin. People of the Burns Paiute Tribe were basket makers who used fibers of willow, sagebrush, tule plant and Indian hemp to weave baskets, sandals, fishing nets and traps. Archeologists have found clothing made from animal and bird hides and sandals made from sagebrush fibers believed to be close to 10,000 years old. The tribe continues to hunt, gather food and do beadwork and drum-making in traditional ways.

Tribal Court

Tribal Judge Christie Timko; Associate Judge Patricia Davis, 100 Pasigo St., Burns 97720; 541-573-2793

Tribal Council

Chairperson Diane Teeman, Vice-Chair Gabe First Raised, Secretary-Treasurer Brenda Sam, Sergeant at Arms Rachel Hofman, Members at Large: Eric Hawley, Charisse Soucie and Margarita Zacarias ​