Consular Corps

green hills along the Snake River
A view of the Snake River from the Snake River Road north of Swedes Landing. (Oregon State Archives Photo)
A number of foreign nations maintain consulates in Oregon. A consul is an official appointed by a government to live in a foreign city to look after the business and other interests of the home country and to assist and protect its nationals within the consular territory.
A consular representative promotes a country’s trade within the assigned area, assists and protects shipping interests, legalizes ships’ papers, assists native seamen in distress, adjudicates on some shipping matters, administers oaths, legalizes foreign documents as required by a country’s laws, issues passports and visas and explains a country’s policies, cultural achievements and its attractions for tourism.
For assistance from a Consul General or an Honorary Consul, please consult the listing of countries below for a representative of the country in which you have an interest.


Michou Jardini, Oregon Consular Corps,


Christopher R. Hermann, Honorary Consul
Address: 900 SW 5th Ave., Suite. 2600, Portland 97204
Phone: 503-552-9733


H. Desmond Johnson, M.D., Honorary Consul
Address: 4750 SW Trail Rd., Tualatin 97062
Phone: 503-659-0283


John H. Herman, Honorary Consul
Address: 1024 SW Myrtle Dr., Portland 97201
Phone: 503-228-0465


Jim Baumgartner, Honorary Consul 
Address: 805 SW Broadway, Suite. 1900, Portland 97205
Phone: 503-417-2166


Alexander Christy, Honorary Consul
Address: 1130 SW Morrison St., Suite. 510, Portland 97205
Phone: 503-248-0500

Czech Republic

Marie R. Amicci, Honorary Consul
Address: 320 A Ave., Suite 5, Lake Oswego 97034
Phone: 503-293-9545


Ingolf Noto, Honorary Consul
Address: 1600 Pioneer Tower, 888 SW Fifth Ave., Portland 97204
Phone: 503-802-2131


Francoise Aylmer, Honorary Consul
Address: 1600 SW Fourth Ave., Portland 97201
Phone: 503-725-5037


Robert T. Manicke, Honorary Consul
Address: 200 SW Market St., Suite. 1775, Portland 97201
Phone: 503-222-0490


Marta Isabel Guembes Herrera, Consul a.h.
Address: 7304 N Campbell Ave., Portland 97217
Phone: 503-530-0046


Les Swanson, Honorary Consul
Address: 900 SW 83rd Ave., Portland 97225
Phone: 503-228-1838


Andrea Bartoloni, Honorary Consul
Address: 1331 NW Lovejoy St., Suite. 900, Portland 97209
Phone: 503-226-8622


Hiroshi Furusawa, Consul General
Address: 1300 SW Fifth Ave., Suite. 2700, Portland 97201
Phone: 503-221-1811

Korea, Republic of

Charles Gregory Caldwell, Honorary Consul 
Address: 8433 SW 10th Ave., Portland 97219
Phone: 503-768-7457

Latvia, Republic of

Uldis J. Berzins, M.D., Honorary Consul 
Address: 655 Medical Center Dr. NE, Salem 97301
Phone: 503-581-5287

Liechtenstein, The Principality of

Mary Jean Thompson, Honorary Consul 
Address: 2846 NW Fairfax Ter., Portland 97210
Phone: 503-248-4000


Randolph L. Miller, Honorary Consul 
Address: 333 SE 2nd Ave., Portland 97214
Phone: 503-234-5000


Bill Failing, Honorary Consul
Address: 2649 SW Georgian Pl., Portland 97201
Phone: 503-224-5268


John L. Blackwell, Honorary Consul 
Address: 4708 SW Fairview Blvd., Portland 97221
Phone: 503-740-8404


Armando Ortiz Rocha, Head Consul
Address: 1305 SW 12th Ave., Portland 97201
Phone: 503-227-1442

The Netherlands

Hans van Alebeek, Honorary Consul
Address: 1 Bowerman Dr., Beaverton 97005
Phone: 503-716-1500

New Zealand

Charles Swindells, Honorary Consul
Address: 500 NW Hilltop Rd., Portland 97210
Phone: 503-803-7129


Larry K. Bruun, Honorary Consul
Address: 4380 SW Macadam, Suite. 120, Portland 97239
Phone: 503-221-0870

Philippines, Republic of the

Richard K. Woodling, Consul General, a.h.
Address: 2662 SW Georgian Pl., Portland 97201
Phone: 971-679-6682


James H. Rudd, Honorary Consul
Address: 888 SW Fifth Ave., Ste. 1200, Portland 97204
Phone: 503-382-5165


Nicholas J. Stanley, Honorary Consul General
Address: 1136 NW Hoyt St., Suite. 210, Portland 97209
Phone: 503-221-0440

United Kingdom

Andrew MacRitchie, Honorary Consul
Address: 1 Sansome St., Suite. 850, San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: 503-227-5669