Oregon Secretary of State


sleeping leopard
A leopard snoozes at the Oregon Zoo, which is ​operated by Metro. (Oregon State Archives Scenic Image 20171006-1873​​)


Contact: Andy Shaw, Government Affairs Director
Address: Metro Regional Center, 600 NE Grand Ave., Portland 97232-2736
Phone: 503-797-1700
Fax: 503-797-1799


President Lynn Peterson 2022; Dist. 1 Shirley Craddick 2022; Dist. 2 Christine Lewis 2022; Dist. 3 Gerritt Rosenthal 2024; Dist. 4 Juan Carlos Gonzalez 2022; Dist. 5 Mary Nolan 2024; Dist. 6 Duncan Hwang 2024; Auditor Brian Evans 2022

The council president and auditor are elected regionally. The remaining six councilors are elected by district. All serve four-year terms. The auditor reviews Metro’s operations. 


Metro is a regional government responsible for managing issues that cross city and county lines. It serves more than 1.6 million residents in the 24 cities and three counties in the Portland area. Metro’s core responsibilities include management of the region’s garbage, compost and recycling system; support of the economy through management of the Oregon Convention Center and Expo Center; preserving farm and forestland through regional planning and management of the region’s urban growth boundary; management of a regional affordable housing and supportive housing program; preservation of our environment through management of 17,000 acres of parks and natural areas; and management of some of the state’s top entertainment venues, including the Oregon Zoo and Portland’s Centers for the Arts. 

An elected seven-member council oversees Metro, and its day-to-day affairs are managed by a chief operating officer, who is appointed by the council.​


The Metropolitan Service District was formed in 1970. The current Metro charter and system of governance was approved in 2002.