Oregon History, Statehood to Present Quiz

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  1. What large group of Oregonians was sent to internment camps for the duration of World War II?
  2. What best describes the "Oregon System"?
  3. How many blacks and mulattoes were counted in the 1860 Oregon census?
  4. What animal came to symbolize the conflict between environmentalists and timber communities over the fate of Oregon's forests in the 1990s?
  5. Name one thing NOT associated with Governor Tom McCall:
  6. What federal program put several million young American males to work during the Great Depression?
  7. What are gyppos?
  8. Name the state with a constitution NOT used as a model for the 1857 Oregon Constitution?
  9. Which Indian leader led his Nez Perce band on a brilliant retreat, eluding the U.S. Army for months in 1877?
  10. What Oregon industry used traps, seine nets, and wheels?