Oregon Counties Quiz

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  1. President Herbert Hoover's boyhood home is in which Oregon county?
  2. Which county has the highest assessed value?
  3. Which county is home to the largest cheese factory?
  4. French-Canadian fur trappers of the Hudson's Bay Company named this county after waterfalls:
  5. These two counties were named for Missouri senators who advocated development of the Oregon Territory:
  6. Sailor Diggings used to be the county seat of this county:
  7. Which county is home to a significant summer resort founded by pioneer Oregon railroad builder Ben Holladay?
  8. Which county has one of the most outstanding depositories of prehistoric fossils on the North American continent?
  9. The county seat of this county has the highest elevation of any county seat in Oregon:
  10. Two major Oregon rivers form the east and west boundaries of this county: