Games: Oregon State Capitol Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery

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The Oregon State Capitol in Salem with cherry trees in blossom
60 pieces (Easy)
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The House Chamber in the Oregon State Capitol
80 pieces (Medium)

The rotunda dome of the Oregon State Capitol
117 pieces (Medium)
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The Circuit Rider statue at the Oregon State Capitol
60 pieces (Easy)

The Governor's ceremonial office in the Oregon State Capitol

The Oregon State Capitol at night
150 pieces (Difficult)

The John McLoughlin mural in the Oregon State Capitol
140 pieces (Difficult)
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The State Seal in a carpet at the Oregon State Capitol
80 pieces (Medium)

The Senate Chamber in the Oregon State Capitol

A fountain at the Oregon State Capitol
88 pieces (Medium)

Harvest mural in the Oregon State Capitol

The rotunda of the Oregon State Capitol
108 pieces (Medium)

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