Oregon Topics: Vital Records

While the Oregon Health Division holds statewide certificates related to births, deaths, marriages, and divorces, many other vital records resources exist. For example, most county clerk offices maintain marriage records dating from the beginning of the county to the present. Most circuit court offices have divorce case files (dating back to the 1800s in many cases) that include supporting records in addition to the decree. The following links provide access to useful vital records resources.

CERTIFIED COPIES at Oregon Public Health, Center for Health Statistics

Oregon Public Health, Center for Health Statistics has the following certified statewide certificates:
Birth: 1903-present
Death: 1903-present
Marriage: 1906-present
Divorce: 1925-present


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Oregon Public Health, Center for Health Statistics (includes vital records reports and data)

UNCERTIFIED COPIES at Oregon State Archives

Oregon State Archives has the following uncertified records and indexes:



Oregon vital record resources (includes listings and searchable databases for city and county vital records held by the Oregon State Archives)
Oregon Historical County Records Guide (includes inventories of vital records held by counties and other repositories: birth and death until 1920; marriage until 1960; and divorce (circuit court records) until 1983)
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